Guasacaca - The South American Sriracha 

We know - Guasa-what-a? Okay so let’s clear the air: Kumana is Guasacaca. Wah-sah-caca.

Funny name, delicious sauce. This sauce is the shit (pun intended) and if we didn’t care about offending our mother, we’d print that right on the bottle.

We grew up eating Guasacaca. We’re Venezuelan and this stuff is practically the ketchup of our food – you find it on every table and squeeze a little on whatever feels right.  

Our great-great-grandparents had this sauce for the first time shortly after they arrived in Venezuela in the mid-1800s, and we've been making it ever since. Our family came from Italy and settled in the eastern part of the country, near the town of Cumana - where Kumana got its name.

If it's been around this long, you bet it tastes great.  

By Real People, For Real People. 

Francisco and Roberto Pavan