Happily Infused Gourmet Heat 3-Pack

Qball's Hotsauce

$ 19.99 $ 29.99

Qball's Hotsauce proudly presents our Infused hot sauce line of products,

Happily Infused Gourmet Heat (HIGH)

HIGH PACK (3 Pack): Contains one of each Lennon's, Nicole's, and Katie's Hot Sauces

Lennon's Lager Hop Sauce, 5 Fl Oz, Heat: (4/10) - A sweet start followed by a wonderful transition to the spicy of a traditional Sriracha style hot sauce.

Nicole's Specialty Ale Hop Sauce, 5 Fl Oz, Heat (6/10) - The hoppy taste comes through in this Farmhouse Ale infused hot sauce.  Delivering a medium-hot heat and great flavor.

Katie's Chipotle Pale Ale Hop Sauce, 5 Fl Oz, Heat (8/10) - The smokey chipotle flavor with undertones of American Pale Ale, make this hot sauce one for every Chile Head's collection of "Go to" sauces! 



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