Our Story

At Hellfire Hot Sauce our goal is to create all natural hots sauces that provide the true chilehead with both the extreme heat and flavor they crave without the use of extracts.

 In other words "All the heat you need & All the flavor you want!"

 We experiment extensively with different combinations of superhot peppers to acheive this goal!

 Our Motto is "Setting the World on fire one Bottle at a Time!

 As well as our sauces being all natural we source our superhot peppers from organic growers and in addition have lowered the sodium levels in all of our sauces.

We also have taken it a step further by creating sauces utilizing various fruits and other exotic ingredients from  Mangoes and papyas to vanilla Beans and chocolate and even Carribean spiced rum! 

We have been growing peppers,herbs and spices and sharing them with family,friends and coworkers for over 30 years. Our XXX Hot chili gained fame locally at chili competitions and was referred to as "Hellfire" Chili.

It usually received a warning label due to it's extreme heat but diehard chileheads loved it and couldn't get enough.

Our peppers and chili were always in demand but we could only provide them seasonally

we finally found a way to share the heat and flavor that people loved so much by bottling it up as hot sauce.

Hellfire Hot Sauce company was launched with the intent of sharing the all natural heat and flavors we had enoyed for so many years with the rest of the world!

 We knew other people also enjoyed our sauces after Winning the coveted Lenny award in 2010 for the reviewers product line of the year and awards from various hot sauce festivals for our sauces such as Devil's Gold, Blueberry Hell, Pure Hell, Gourmet, The Elixir and Fear This. Most recently winning two 2016 Scovie Awards including 1st Place for Devil's Gold and three awards at the 2015 NYC Hot Sauce Expo including 1st Place for Fear This and another 1st Place Screaming MiMi Award at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo for the Elixir in 2014 to follow  last years first place Screaming Mi Mi for Devils Gold in 2013! In addition we have won several 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place awards in the "World Hot Sauce Awards", the Louisiana Hot Sauce Festival, Cajun Hot sauce festival, the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, The Hot Peppers Awards and from Chilepepper magazine!  We  also have been featured in Maxim Magazine ,Bon Apetit Magazine, "Top eleven sauces" Gearpatrol.com, Maxim.com, The Today Show, Chilepepper Magazine and numerous  newpaper writeups.


Another passion of ours was to combine hot sauce with art! Being huge collectors ourselves we set out to create the coolest hot sauce collectibles we could. Starting out in 2009 using a local Artist Steve Batson and in 2011 collaborating World Renown Artist and Sculptor Dan Norton. Our Collectible Art bottles have become world famous and collected on 5 continents! We also have a teamed up with the amazingly talented graphic artist Buddy Sypeck to create fantastic labels, posters, t-shirts, banners and our website!  Our goal is not only to bring amazing sauces to the world but great art that every chilehead can enjoy and share with their friends!


Both the sauces and collectible bottles have received fantastic reviews from the critics, customers and chileheads around the world! We currently have major distribution in not only the USA but Canada,Europe and Australia. We feel that we have just begun the journey and plan to continue to bring Artisan hot sauces and collectibles to new levels!!!