Crazy? Maybe. Insane? Possibly. Should be committed? Definitely! .......

 In all seriousness, Angry Irishman® hot sauce is, well, the life dream of creator, President and CEO, Kevin Mackey.

 When this all started out, I was looking for a way to fill my time during the day. My family and I had just moved from Northwest Ohio to Southwest Florida leaving everything and everyone I knew behind.  I took advantage of the sub-tropical climate and started growing hot peppers. The area of Florida I was in has a climate much like a year round greenhouse. The hot temperatures and extreme humidity are perfect for growing hot peppers!

 After a few years, a friend challenged me to a salsa making contest – who could make the hottest. This went on for a couple months and when the contest ended, in what they called a “tie”, spicy food had become a passion of mine. I continued to experiment with multiple spice and pepper blends, different base ingredients like; tomatoes, pineapple, plantains, mangos, papayas and star fruit.

 As cooking became a strong desire as a possible career choice, I was looking into entering the field of culinary arts, a path that was never taken, but furthered my interest and concentration on creating new hot sauces and salsas.

 Then one magical day, a gift from God really, the first batch of Angry Irishman® hot sauce was born! (Cue the Halleluiah chorus).  I was working in the construction world at the time and started handing out samples to fellow workers and other crews. Angry Irishman® was a HUGE hit!

 In 1996, Angry Irishman® became a licensed business in Florida.  By attending local fairs, festivals, and flea markets, word and interest spread about my product exponentially. Shortly thereafter, local eateries and pubs placed Angry Irishman on their tables.

 Through advertising and local exposure, Angry Irishman® has been shipped to many locations throughout the United States, Canada and even Australia!

 In 2010, I moved out of Florida and back to the area where I grew up in Northwest Ohio. With the help and encouragement from the absolute love of my life, Mary Ann, I resumed making Angry Irishman® in Ohio.

 Again, interest exploded! With all the “puzzle” pieces in place, Angry Irishman® is ready for WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!

 So, my question to you reading this quite simply is this: “What are you waiting for?”